A DUI Arrest Can Affect Your Life

In Mesa, AZ, abustling city located east of Phoenix in the East Valley. Most of Mesa is located east of Loop 101 and north of Highway 60, although the eastern edge of the city dips south of Highway 60. The city’s northeastern edge ends just past Loop 202.

With about 450,000 residents, Mesa ranks as AZ’s third-largest city and is in the top 40 of America’s largest cities.

Rimmed by the majestic Superstition Mountains, Mesa, AZ offers plentiful recreational opportunities and proximity to Arizona’s wild deserts and winter snow-capped mountains.

Because many Mesa residents commute to Phoenix for work, the highways become congested around rush hour. Traffic slows dramatically and accidents are common. The city is very spread out, and like most of Arizona, residents typically drive instead of taking public transportation, walking or biking.

Traffic on the weekends is less crowded, except for sunny, beautiful days when many residents head north to the lake or mountains to escape the heat. Headed north out of Mesa on Ellsworth Road, police frequently set up DUI checkpoints to verify drivers’ sobriety as they back home from recreational areas.

Many drivers drink all day on the Salt River while tubing and end up snagged by Mesa Police or Maricopa County Sheriff on the way home. DWI attorneys are well aware of the sobriety checkpoints and have helped many people in these situations.

Arizona has very strict DUI laws, studied by DUI lawyers. In fact, the laws rank among the toughest in the nation. People who get convicted with a DUI often face mandatory jail time and thousands of dollars in fines, despite the best efforts of a Mesa DUI attorney.

Mesa, Arizona has a blood alcohol threshold of .08, and anything higher than .15 is considered to be an extreme DUI, which carries harsher penalties such as increased jail time and higher fines. Talk to your DWI attorney for details related to your situation.

Hiring an experienced, skilled Mesa DUI attorney can mean the difference between the harshest penalties and maximum jail time or the lightest sentence possible. A good DUI attorney may even be able to find loopholes to convince the judge to let you off the hook. Police have many responsibilities related to your rights when investigating alleged drinking and driving, and a DWI attorney knows those rights and can help you determine if all the rules were followed.

When police don’t follow the rules, it can help your DUI lawyer convince the judge that the authorities didn’t follow due process. In those cases, your DUI attorney could help get your case dismissed.

Getting charged with a DUI is a difficult time. A Mesa DUI attorney understands the stress you are going through and can help advise you through the steps to ensure that your life is minimally impacted.

DUI convictions in Mesa can seriously impact your life — from the ability to get jobs to jail time interrupting your career and life progress. Hiring the best Mesa DUI attorney possible will help you find the best result possible.