Affordability Issues With Apartment Leasing

Los Angeles tenant rights

Los Angeles is one of California’s most iconic and famous cities. From the stately mansions and luxurious shopping in Beverly Hills to the Hollywood sign welcoming visitors to the world’s entertainment capital, LA draws many residents and visitors who are searching for a glamorous life.

LA ranks as one of the nation’s most populated cities — second only to New York. Nearly 3.9 million people call LA home, and the city offers 1.4 million housing units. The majority of the units are located in multi-unit structures, such as apartment complexes.

From 2007 to 2011, the median home in Los Angeles had a value of $513,600. Many city residents own their homes. However, a home ownership rate well below the national average shows that the majority of Los Angeles residents choose to rent. LA’s homeownership rate between 2007 and 2001 came in at just 38 percent, compared to a national average of nearly 57 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

With such a robust rental market, local real estate experts predicted in 2012 that LA County rent would jump 10 percent by the end of 2013, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Times reported that renters frequently encounter affordability issues when apartment hunting. In Los Angeles, tenant rights do exist that limit the price of rents on properties that meet specific criteria. However, Los Angeles has many neighborhoods in which apartments rent for extremely high monthly payments.

The renters rights are defined by Los Angeles’ tenant law. With such a high rate of people renting as opposed to purchasing property, many residents are interested in Los Angeles tenant rights.

LA renters are covered by two separate types of renters’ rights — those afforded by the state of California and those covered in Los Angeles’ city-specific laws. The tenant law contained in LA ordinances is actually better and more thorough than the law described in California state statute.

For example, LA has the aforementioned rent stabilization ordinance that bans excessive increases in rent. Los Angeles tenant rights also have rules that ban abrupt and unfair changes in lease terms and baseless evictions.

Renters rights Los Angeles prohibit unsafe conditions such as fallen ceilings, pest infestations and landlords who intrude upon your privacy or refuse to make necessary repairs. These are basic rights that all tenants have, but many renters are unaware they have these rights.

These laws change frequently. They’re complex and you might be having trouble figuring out if your landlord has acted illegally.

If you wonder about whether your tenant rights have been violated, be sure to call an attorney or renters’ rights advocate.

Many renters confronted with unfair practices by their landlord feel frustrated. Without clear understanding of the law, it can be difficult to establish a path moving forward to improve the situation. You may feel victimized, but you have rights.

Los Angeles tenant rights outline the behaviors and practices that are permissible by a landlord. These renters rights exist to protect you and make sure that your landlord does not act capriciously against your best interests.