DUI Infomation Arizona Drivers Should Know

Gilbert DUI Attorney

Gilbert, Arizona is located about 30 minutes outside of Phoenix, in the East Valley. With 220,000 residents, Gilbert ranks as a mid-sized Valley city. It’s smaller than both Mesa and Chandler, but larger than neighboring Tempe.

The main thoroughfare through Gilbert is Loop 202. Highway 60 is located near the north edge of Gilbert, but not on the actual edge. Gilbert also has a main street called Gilbert Road, with many shops and restaurants.

Gilbert residents are younger and wealthier than the average Arizona resident. Gilbert’s median age is 31.5, compared to the AZ median age of 36.2. With a median household income of $85,672, Gilbert ranks among the Valley’s most affluent cities. Only Scottsdale has a higher median income, at $96,048.

The average Gilbert, AZ resident drives 27 minutes to work. Gilbert is spread out like other Arizona cities, making cars the most convenient method of getting around. Traffic usually congests around rush hour, but flows freely throughout the rest of the day and on weekends.

Gilbert police are always on the lookout for intoxicated drivers, and frequently pull people over for suspected drunk driving.

Even if police have a strong suspicion that you are driving under the influence, there are still basic rights that you enjoy as an AZ resident. A DUI attorney understands these rights and can help you determine if police violated yours.

Many times, a Gilbert DUI lawyer can work with you to uncover ways the police did not perfectly follow the law. If your case goes to trial, these aberrations from the law can help you escape the harsh punishment that Arizona DUI convictions carry.

Police must having an appropriate reason to pull you over and for issuing field sobriety tests. Permissible reasons include bloodshot or watery eyes, the smell of alcohol, and impaired speech or abnormal clumsiness.

At this point, the less you say to the Gilbert police officer the better because anything you say can be used against you in court. If the police ask you to take a blood or breath test, you have the right to stop the proceedings and ask to speak to a DWI attorney. At that point, the police in Arizona must provide you with a telephone and wait a “reasonable” amount of time for the Gilbert DUI attorney to return the call.

Invoking your right to speak to a DUI lawyer this early in your case could save you from thousands of dollars in legal fees and the experience of jail time.

DUIs in Arizona carry strict penalties, and a conviction can affect your life, including hindering attempts to find employment.

A Gilbert DUI attorney who keeps up with the latest changes in the law can help you get through this experience with the least damage possible. Hiring an experienced, hardworking DUI attorney is key — you don’t want a lazy DUI lawyer who shows up to argue your case but doesn’t truly care about the outcome.

Make sure your Gilbert DWI attorney is smart, knowledgeable and cares about your verdict.